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The Future Of Science-Based Positivity Has Arrived
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When dog owners over-control their pets, it can lead to the development of feelings of desperation in the dogs. Common training methods often fail because they create a sense of captivity, which dogs naturally resist. Therefore, it is important to use freedom as a mainstay of effective training to avoid such negative consequences.


Dogs are behavioral explorers that thrive on freedom and interaction with their environment. When they are confined or restrained, they experience feelings of captivity that can lead to stress and anxiety. This stress can manifest in problem behaviors as they fight for their freedom. It's important to provide our furry friends with enough space and stimulation to prevent these negative emotions and ensure their well-being.

Our dog training approach is all about using your dog's natural grace to provide the most individualized training possible. We believe in free shaping behavior, which means our furry friend learn to train themselves. By capturing the most reliable behaviors, we help dogs become the best version of themselves.

Join us and witness the incredible results first hand!

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