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I often feel that I was raised by dogs in a community of people who have dedicated their lives to saving them.  At the Canine Freedom Center, our team of dedicated professionals are people who have dedicated their whole lives to the advancement of ethical training and treatment of dogs.

Where Science Meets The Soul

Under the guidance of Animal Behaviourist Darwin Cole, and Dog Trainer Derek Gignak, the Canine Freedom Center is proud to call some of the top dog trainers in the world our friends and colleagues. 

With over 30 years of experience working hands-on with dogs, combined with our academic achievements in the world of behavioral science, we have the experience and heart to help you succeed. We have extensive experience showing dogs in Conformation, Formal Obedience and have worked as expert witnesses in courts around the world. We have developed some of the most ethical training programs used in the pet industry. 

We are genuinely kind people who care about the health and prosperity of our community. We want you to be happy and we understand how dogs can help you achieve that. In a world overflowing with pain, dogs provide emotional shelter from the chaos. We know how much you love your dog, and we think you are wonderful for it. 

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