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Notwithstanding the complicated aspects of cognitive science that empower our teachings, we have worked hard to simplify our Freedom Method.   We have taken a master class curriculum and divided it into 52 entertaining mini-sessions.  As a student, you will receive one mini-session a week for one full year.  Each of these mini-sessions explores your dog's universe and helps you recognize the amazing grace dogs possess.  


Why So Small?

Great dog training requires our teachers to educate people.  Humans learn better when the information they receive is provided in small doses.  Unlike many trainers that waylay their clients with massive amounts of information in unwieldy bursts,  we take it slow, giving our clients the time they need to learn.

Our mini-sessions cover everything you need to know about natural canine behaviour.  We leave no stone unturned as we carefully help you discover the hidden skills that all dogs possess.   You will learn about leashes, food, confinement, play, socialization, aggression, bonding, sleeping, breeding, rewards, and much, much more.  

Getting Started

At the onset of our program, you will be provided with a personal Freedom Trainer to help you shift from control-based methods to our Freedom Methods.  Make no mistake, there will be a learning curve and it will take you and your dog several weeks to embrace your newfound freedoms.  If possible, the first training steps will take place in your home and at our secure training center. Providing your dog with a true sense of freedom is a vital aspect of our training.  

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We offer an online version of our program to clients who cannot attend our training center.  However, the online option is not less expensive than real-world training.  Why?  Whether in real life or online, our team of qualified experts will provide you with their undivided attention.  We honestly care about your success and when you pay for our time that is exactly what you will receive; our time.   When you hire us you are paying for our experience and time, the quality of which is not altered by the medium in which it is dilivered. 

What Your Dog Will Learn

Mother Nature blessed your dog with the essential skills needed to be an amazing pet, we have over 30,000 years of domestication on our side.  The Freedom Method simply alters your environment in ways that trigger the best aspects of your dog.   Your dog already knows how to sit still, walk at your side and come when called, you have seen her do these things a million times, the trick is to get her to use her natural behaviors when you ask; accomplishing this is far more simple than you imagine. 

The Freedom Method of training, when applied as directed, will help your dog respect the personal boundaries you place around your body, your property, children and other dogs. Helping your dog develop space awareness promotes a multitude of wanted behaviors. Your dog will become attentive, responsive, eager and aware of your needs.  Reactive behaviors vanish as your dog slowly learns to come when called, walk at your side and remain sensible when in the company of new dogs and people.  In a nutshell, we teach people how to trust their dogs, and help dogs maintain that trust with great behavior. 

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The Freedom Method Will Help Your Dog:

Come instantly when called,

Become responsive to the sound of your natural voice,

Resist distractions that temp disobedience,

Eliminate reactivity in most situations,

Walk attentively at your side,

Remain still when required,

Impressive self-control,

Respond to advanced training without resistance,

Recover fast from natural stress.

A Little Tough Love For Humans

The Freedom Method is NOT designed to teach advanced behaviours or canine sports.  We provide essential foundation training for people seeking to own well-behaved pets.  The natural obedience found in most dogs only extends to the fundamental behaviours we need to co-exist harmoniously. 

This is not a "fool-proof" program, we need our clients to be responsible, mature and patient.  
The Freedom Method is best used in households where people are dedicated to the well-being of their pets. 
You cannot destroy your dog's mind through neglect and then ask a professional trainer to heal the damage.  Notwithstanding popular opinion, Humpty Dumpy cannot always be put back together.

We are here to help you, and it would be an honour to do so, but you need to be serious about your willingness to help yourself.  We can't make you a great dog owner, you need to come to us that way.  We are simply here to guide you on a path that you are already on. 

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